Launchpad @ BLJS Curriculum

The primary need of pupils in the provision is support with communication in order to develop and maintain peer relationships and function effectively in the school environment. The curriculum focus in The Launchpad will be communication. The academic curriculum will be the vehicle by which pupils begin to learn social communication skills, understanding and collaborating with others. Although our expectations of pupils should be high, in terms of academic success, these can only be achieved when communication and interaction needs are being met and the pupil is not anxious and therefore able to learn.

Skills such as sharing attention with others, taking turns, commenting and reflecting will be planned for and taught through the curriculum. Learning will also focus on supporting pupils to make transitions and engage with others. For example, through the use of symbols, work routines and defining the parameters of a task

During the morning the children follow the National Curriculum for English and Maths which is led by a Teacher. Throughout the morning, sensory activities are integrated into the timetable to support the individual child’s sensory needs. During the afternoon the children have a more therapeutic curriculum.

The Launchpad recognises and values the importance of our partnerships with families and the wider school community and aims to create an environment that is welcoming to all and is part of the wider community.

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