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The Launchpad is part of BLJS and as such follows all school policies, including the behaviour policy. All pupils will be allocated to a main school class and the expectation is that pupils will access some of the curriculum in the class where possible. Staff from The Launchpad will support pupils in class to do this through differentiation, task management and implementation of reward systems.

Pupils working in class will follow the curriculum planned by the class teacher. However, for pupils not able to access the class curriculum work may be planned by the teacher in The Launchpad; taking into account the cognitive abilities of the child. Pupils from other classes in school may also come to work in The Launchpad in order to join groups if it is considered beneficial to their learning and social needs.

The Launchpad recognises and values the importance of our partnerships with families and the wider school community and aims to create an environment that is welcoming to all and is part of the wider community.